KYC policy

1. The Company is obligated to perform KYC and due diligence procedures in order to verify the identity of each person who registers online via the Company’s Website.

For this purpose, the Company will collect information about the Client such as name, surname, address, telephone number, email, nationality, date of birth and other details.

1.2 When the Company receives the Client’s completed online application form, it may use the information to conduct any further enquiries about the Client as the Company determines under the circumstances and its internal policies and procedures.

The Company also carries out additional checks or periodic reviews. The Client will need to co-operate with the Company and supply the information requested promptly. The Company relies on the information that it is provided by the Client in the online application form or otherwise as being correct and not misleading at all times, unless you notify us otherwise in writing.

In particular, the Client must notify the Company as soon as possible in writing if any of the details provided to us in your application form or if your circumstances have subsequently changed.

1.3 The Company is not to be required to accept a person as its Client until all documentation it requires has been received by properly and fully completed by such person and all internal checks (including without limitation all anti-money laundering customer identification and due diligence checks) have been duly satisfied. It is further understood that Company reserves the right to impose additional due diligence requirements to accept Clients residing in certain countries where the risk of money laundering may be higher.

During the customer identification and due diligence checks the Company shall apply processes to verify the Client’s identity for which (amongst other things) photo identification information will be required by the Client. In certain circumstances we may require this information to be authenticated by an appropriate third party.

The Company requires as minimum a government issued Photo identity documents such as a passport, driving license and/or identity card containing your full name, personal photo, and date of birth, ID number and expiry date as well as evidence of your residential address, such as a utility bill or bank statement, for the verification process.

1.4 The Client’s trading account will be opened following the assessment and completion of the KYC and due diligence procedure 3.6 If a Client opens an account and does not provide all required documents within a (1) month since registration, so as to be an “Approved” Client, the Company has the right to close the Client’s account without any notice and refund any deposits made by the Client back to the same source of funds from where the deposit(s) came from