About Us


safetrade was founded by a team of seasoned financial professionals dedicated to providing a boutique service for professional traders.
Wize Private Financial Group is an award-winning one-stop brokerage firm focused on delivering value to clients.

Our products help traders maximize their returns by giving unparalleled access and advantages in financial market trading.
safetrade client-first approach enables us to provide exceptional tools to optimize returns.

We are a dedicated financial fiduciary, focused on providing our clients with premium value-added services. Our tools offer a sophisticated platform and support team for every trader.

With award winning trading platforms designed to be accessible for traders of all levels, successful investing becomes easier to master. 

safetrade Offerings:

Boutique User Experience for all Clients Receive personalized attention and experience from our qualified representatives, and choose the trading platform best suited to your needs.
We are dedicated to providing a sophisticated, exclusive service for every client.

Top-Flight Trading Technology Our award-winning trading platforms are designed to optimize performance and minimize downtime for traders. Easy to use and accessible, we ensure clients are acquainted with platform functionality with hands on training.

Boost Returns With Real-Time Insights Our dedicated team of market experts spend countless ours developing research and strategies traders can always count on.

The trading edge is fostered by constantly incorporating constantly evolving information to build an informational advantage. Research and educational tools ensure that clients are armed with the knowledge to optimize their value.